Take 2

So if you read my overly dramatic post last night in regards to these pics…I’m sorry. Really. I hit publish prematurely. Perhaps external processors should not have a blog. Anyway, if you didn’t read it, consider yourself spared. And if you are now curious after that introduction, a much better way to sum up my thoughts would be like this: I have lost my photography mojo. I’ve been struggling to find my old joy in it for a long time now. It seemed to start in the aftermath of my cancer journey though I tried to push through it, and it has truly puzzled me. Something that used to bring me so much joy, suddenly felt forced and hard and brought little satisfaction. It’s frustrated me and made me sad at times because I’ve missed that part of me, but wasn’t sure how to get her back.

So Sunday when I picked up my camera to document a family celebration and I felt that flicker of joy again, it felt good. And I feel hopeful that maybe my mojo is back…or at least on its way back. 😉