The need to reinvent my website has been there for some time.  I’ve known it for a while, but have lacked the skill needed to do it and frankly was so overwhelmed by the process and even knowing where to go for help, that this project has been at a standstill for way too long.  However thanks to my friend and photographer/adventure buddies, it is finally happening. I am so grateful for Correy (Correy Overton Photography)  helping me get everything moved back over to WordPress and to Jess (Jeeptographer), for helping me finally get over my mental block of how I wanted it to look and to help me install the elements to make my dreams a reality.  They are both incredible photographers in their own rights and you should definitely check out their work!  Also, you will probably see them “cameo” often because of our personal project to visit and photograph every State Park in GA and all the National Parks.

Honestly “reinvention” sounds like such a cheesy phrase to me but it is the best term I can think of to reflect the shift that my photography and brand have taken from portrait work to fine art and travel photography.  I’ve also really wanted to create a space that I could share my thoughts that are often inspired by the pictures I capture, something I’ve come to call “meaningful photography”.  But there will be more on that later.  For now, I just want to say thanks for stopping by and thanks for your patience as the site is under construction.